RDC-300, 500 & 800

RDC-300, 500 & 800

A new film coating system for seeds is brought into the market by Seed Processing Holland, in close co-operation with Incotec, the RDC (Rotary Dry Coater), the advanced seed coater with integrated dryer for optimal film coating your seeds!

Based on each other's expertise, the techniques and technologies of both companies were used during the development of an advanced seed coater with integrated dryer (Rotary Dry Coater), where Seed Processing Holland provides the equipment and Incotec provides the coating materials.

The RDC is suitable for automatic simultaneous coating and drying of flower, vegetable and or field and farm seeds. The RDC is available in 3 different versions:

RDC-300 (0.3 – 1.5 kg seed per batch*);

RDC-500 (1.5 – 8.0 kg seed per batch*);

RDC-800 (10 - 26 kg seed per batch*)
(*indications depending on he crop).

The advantages of simultaneous drying during coating are that a higher percentage of liquid (till 50%) in one treatment can be applied and that the seeds are directly ready to be packed after the process.

The application experts of Incotec developed a special film coating formulae during the development of the equipment, with the purpose to obtain an optimum operation of the equipment and an optimum film coating result of the seed.

Coating systems with integrated drying require high-grade film coating formulas at which special attention is paid to drying speed, avoiding sticking, static electricity, coverage, film formation, flow and not to be forgotten germination. For an optimal coating process the seed temperature has to between 18°C and 25 °C. The optimum refined balance in this new and unique film coating process can therefore be guaranteed when you use a Incotec film coating formulae.

The machine treats the seed lots in batches. The RDC is equipped with an automatic weighing system. When the weighing system is filled with a pre-set amount of seeds, the seeds are discharged in the coating chamber. In the coating chamber a rotor, rotates the seeds. The rotor speed is frequency controlled. By means of a unique spoiler design (baffles) the seeds get a horizontal movement as well, so the seeds are moved in all directions, this rotating movement is very important to obtain a good equal film coating on the seeds. In the middle of the coating chamber a special designed spinning disc is mounted. This spinning disc rotates with a variable speed and on this the coating liquid is dosed and equally divided on the seeds. To reduce cleaning times the spinning disc can easily be removed due to a magnetic connection.

The coating liquid can be applied with the optionally offered pump and flow meter systems.

During the application of the coating liquid an airflow is created alongside the seeds. The temperature and the air humidity (RH) of this airflow are adjustable and are controlled and regulated during the whole process. The dryer is designed only dehumidify the liquid that is dosed on the seeds during the process. 

The air is also filtered and recirculated. It is a closed system that can run independent of the ambient conditions. Because it is a closed system it is also a safe system and suitable for fungicides and or insecticides applications. The process is controlled by means of a switch panel with touchscreen (17"). By means of an Internet/LAN  connection we can log in and assist you when a problem occurs.

If the sensors detect that the pre-set values are reached, the coated seeds get discharged on to a cooling trough. During the transportation the seeds are cooled down on a Ø0.70 mm perforated screen. After that the seeds will be discharged and the seeds are ready to be packed. The next batch will be started automatically.

Via an inspection window in the cover and a good lighting the process in the coating chamber can be checked. The system is easy to clean and to inspect as it is built up modular. The coating chamber is nickel plated and hardened at the inside to avoid excessive wear.

Advantages of this system are:

  • Seeds are treated and dried in one process.
  • Low seed temperatures during the process.
  • De-humidified (dry) air is used during the process.
  • An uniform seed to seed distribution.
  • An optimum loading of fungicides and or insecticides.
  • Suitable for flower, vegetable and field and farm seeds.
  • Fully automatic system.
  • Seeds are ready to pack when they are discharged.
  • Low but also high liquid applications till 50 % possible.
  • Special Film coating liquids developed by Incotec.
  • Recirculated, filtered and dried air.
  • An integrated dust exhaustion and carbon filter. 
  • Closed system (suitable for insecticide and fungicide applications).
  • Uniform and reproducible system (worldwide, not depending on ambient air conditions).
  • Safe, accurate and controllable system.
  • Easy to clean and inspect.
  • Easy to operate, large full colour touchscreen (IPC).
  • Recipes can be stored.
  • Log in by means of Internet for service.
  • Low and optimum energy use compared with other coating systems.

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