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How seeds are transported in 2018

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How seeds are transported in 2018

Nowadays, seed vacuum transport systems, which transport a variety of seeds to different seed processing machines, are very popular. These vacuum transport systems are compact, quiet, and easy to install. When using such systems it is important to take a couple of factors into consideration: “How clean is the system after transport and can it damage the seeds?”.

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If a system is properly set up, with the right diameter pipe and as few obstacles as possible, you have a clean system, where no seed remains. This makes setup time as short as possible. The engineering department of Seed Processing Holland is experienced in designing these solutions to ensure this is the case. We work closely with Volkmann, a supplier of high-quality vacuum transport systems, to design the right solution. By ensuring a gradual air transport of the seeds they will not be damaged during transport.

In short, these are the benefits of a seed vacuum transport system:

  • Damage-free transport of seeds
  • Compact system
  • Easy to clean
  • Continuous seed processing operation
  • Reduced forklift truck work
  • Seed batches quickly interchanged 

The easiness in cleaning allows for quickly switching between seed lots. It is even possible to remove the dust partially during transport to decrease the dust while dosing the seeds into a coater. Since a vacuum system is installed “on top” of a production installation, it is no longer necessary to install bottom unloaders or tippers at height. As a result, a reduction of forklift truck work can be realized.

Our seed vacuum transport systems are used at a capacity of several tens of kilos per hour, up to 4,000 kg of product transport per hour (depending on the seed types, sizes, and volumes). Transport usually takes place from the ground level to the top of the installation (6 to 8 meters vertically, 15 to 20 meters in total). At the bottom of, for example, a seed air cleaning system or film coater the seeds are picked up again by the next vacuum transport system, arranged above the next processing or packaging installation.

Our engineering department designs a concept based on the capacity and type of seeds to ensure no seeds are left behind during transport. In their solution, they use Volkmann’s vacuum conveying products.

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