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Mission Statement

Mision: “As an expert and reliable partner for clients, SPH contributes globally tot he success of seed processing companies trough the development, production and maintenance of efficient and innovative solution.”

Vision “There is a growing demand in the world for high-quality seeds. As a specialist, SPH want to play a sustainable and leading role in the market for solutions for the processing of this seed.”


Welcome to Seed Processing Holland B.V.

Based in Enkhuizen, Seed Processing Holland was founded in the year 1967 and has specialised in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the seed processing industry.



Seed processing Holland Inc. 
Seed Processing Holland (SPH) has expand its activities by opening up its Seed Processing Holland Inc. (SPH) Sales Office in the US in 2014.

SPH recognizes the importance of the North American seed market and it has always been our wish to enhance our service level to this region by having a direct presence. We believe in the high value of working side by side with customers and this new US platform will enable SPH to do so and bring the right solutions to any seed processing and packaging need. 

The address of Seed Processing Holland Inc. is:

19045 Portola Drive - Suite H2
CA 93908 Salinas
United States of America

Mobile: +31 652005040  




ISO 9001:2008 and SCC* certification
To meet your demands and requirements and to increase the customer satisfaction, our aim was to obtain ISO certification. For months we have worked very hard in order to meet the ISO 9001:2008 guidelines.  Also we have worked to obtain the SCC* certification which contents that we execute our work according safety-, healthy-, environmental standards. With the aim to increase the external safety. 

After an external audit of Mr. Meekma of Kiwa, we have obtained 2 certificates;  ISO 9001:2008 and SCC*. We are very delighted about this fact and we have the opinion that this is increasing the quality of our products and service to our clients.

SCC*:  Installation and execution of maintenance service works of equipment for the seed industry.
ISO9001:2008: Design, produce, install as well as execution of maintenance service works of equipment  for the seed industry.




The manufacturing program
We supply the complete range of seed processing equipment!
To keep it clearly structured we have divided our delivery program in eleven different chapters, as follows:

* Seed threshing equipment
* Seed extraction equipment
* Seed drying equipment
* Seed technology equipment
* Seed quality control equipment
* Laboratory seed cleaning equipment
* Seed fine seed cleaning equipment
* Seed pelleting equipment
* Seed film coating equipment
* Seed counting, weighing and packing equipment
* Storage, dust-suction and transportation equipment

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